About Vlada

Growing up in Ukraine, Vlada understood the importance of culture and tradition from an early age. These strong values, helped to ground her in her transition to the United States at the age of 14. With the new environment looming around her, she found a way to use her creativity in textiles and design, a tradition passed down from her mother, to make her own bespoke items of clothing, jewelry and handbags.

Says Vlada, “I’ve always loved and collected hats which started my journey into the millinery world…But it wasn’t until I took a hat making course at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where I really found my true calling!”

It is this belief and passion that everyone in the world should wear a hat has inspired and created “By Vlada” a wide array of headwear mixing vintage and modern shapes, fun colors, and the highest quality of materials.

As she states, “During the Great Depression, hats were the perfect wardrobe refresher (and they still are today). Women who couldn’t afford new clothes but desired a new look turned to hats. The stylish accessory allowed women to update their wardrobe without the hefty price tag that came with a new dress or coat”.

Her careful attention to detail and pushing the envelope with new ideas and inspirations is what brings her customer coming back.

ByVlada styles can also be considered unisex.